We have partnered with Dithelo to assist business with their Company Secretarial services.They provide quick service to Register & Update company information at CIPC and government agencies efficiently and on time.

New Shelf Company

Shelf Company is ready to trade
  • Company is fully registered.
  • Company can open a bank account.
  • Company has a trading adresss.
The company is then transferred & the following changes are effected
  • Your company name is reserved & changed once approved.
  • Your directors are added.
  • Your business registered adress is updated.
    • Startup Bookkeeping service
    • Company Website & Email.
    • Custom Memorandum of incorporation.(MOI).
    • Custom Shareholders agreement.(SA)

Tender Ready Company

New company is registered on your behalf
  • Standard company name is registered.
  • Company director(s) are registered (Directors emails adress & Cellphone numbers required).
  • Company registered adress & year end are captured.
  • Tax Clearance provided.
  • Share Certificates.
  • CSD Registration.
  • Startup Bookkeeping service.
  • Company Website & Email.
  • Custom Memorandum of Incorporation(MOI)
  • Custome Shareholders agreement(SA)